Spend your afternoon watching vintage sports videos and commercials.


Portraits of the Portage Theater as we knew it by David ROCK Nelson:


Trace Chicago’s history through the bridges that helped shape its development, from the first wood footbridge to today’s iconic structures. Chicago Drawbridges premieres on WYCC this Sunday, April 28 at 5 p.m CT.

To learn more about the documentary, visit chicagodrawbridges.com.

Fun stuff — and good timing, considering installation the second half of the Wells Street Bridge starts this weekend.


I found and partially destroyed an icicle factory on the South side of Chicago. I still feel kinda bad about it but I’m sure they grew back.

Don’t worry, that was just the first batch. Plenty more to come.

Lil Mouse is a 13-year-old rapper from the Wild 100s. He’s already recorded several videos, the first when he was still 12. His latest track, “Get Smoked,” has attracted attention for its glorification of popping pills, selling drugs, having sex, shooting people and other activities not usually associated with barely teenaged kids. Read and hear more in Transmission.

"Hi, I’m Lana."

And with that, director Lana Wachowski, formerly Larry, made her public debut in a video promoting the upcoming film Cloud Atlas, which she made with her brother Andy and German director Tom Tykwer.

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More than a dozen people participated in a “flash mob” style robbery of Mildblend Supply Co. on Saturday Night, making off with an estimated $2,000 dollars worth of merchandise. Read more.


How long do you think it would take ice cream to melt in Chicago’s heat? Watch the awesome Time-lapse video above and find out. 

Source: http://allterrainjohnny.com

It’s a hot sticky mess out there.

Whale from Max on Vimeo.


Chef Paul Kahan must know it’s futile to try seduce Ahab away from Aviary.

But few thoughts of Pan stirred Ahab’s brain, as standing like an iron statue at his accustomed place beside the mizen rigging, with one nostril he unthinkingly snuffed the sugary musk from the Bashee isles (in whose sweet woods mild lovers must be walking), and with the other consciously inhaled the salt breath of the new found sea; that sea in which the hated White Whale must even then be swimming.



Chance The Rapper - Hey Ma

Directed by Elijah Alvarado

This is great.

Just in time for Mother’s Day. Check out Chance the Rapper here.